NetStarter Package
NetStarter Package
NetStarter Package

Get Your Web Sites & Email Setup Right Now with the NetStarter Windows Hosting Package

  • • Instant Setup
  • • 24 Hr Support

NetStarter Windows Hosting

per month

Setup 3 websites for 10000s of visitors per month

  • Instant Setup- Get your Hosting account in 10 minutes
  • Instant Server Control with Easy to use Control Panel
  • Fast Network, State of the Art Data centers, Fast 24/7 Support
  • 75GB Space
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • 3 Web Sites
  • 3 MSSQL DBs
  • 3 MySQL DBs
  • 3 FTP Logins
  • 3 Mail Servers

Get Your Web Site and Email On The Net Right Now!

Get your web site up today with the NetStarter Windows web hosting package. The NetStarter package comes with everything you need to get your small business, hobby, blog or family web site on the internet right away.

The NetStarter package is also a good choice for students of web development to develop their skills in ASP, ASP.Net or PHP programming with an Access, MySQL or SQL Server Database.

Windows Hosting Features

Storage 75GB Space Store, serve and show thousands of pages, photo's, pictures, Flash, Silverlight and Video.
Bandwidth 500GB Bandwidth Serve thousands of pages, photos and videos to tens of thousands of people each month.
Web Sites 3 web sites Setup a site for your small business and then one for your blog, hobby or family. Each site comes with it's own log file directory, web site directory and more.
Mail Servers 3 Mail servers Setup email for two different domains on our SmarterMail Mail Servers, each with unlimited unique mailboxes. Setup your business email and your family or hobby email addresses.
MS SQL Databases 1 MS SQL Database You also get a small Microsoft SQL Server database to try a small dynamic web site. NetStarter is perfect if you are just starting to learn about coding and databases with SQL Server and ASP.Net, ASP or even PHP.
MySQL Databases 3 MySQL Databases You get unlimited Microsoft Access databases and two MySQL databases which are needed if you want to run a Blog such as Wordpress or Moveable Type.
FTP Logins 3 FTP Logins Upload your web site via FTP or use the Control Panel file manager. 2 FTP logins allow you to delegate some of your web site maintenance to an outside designer, family member or employee.
Software Packages FrontPage, Dreamweaver and many more Use Frontpage, Expression, Dreamweaver or any web design package or web editor you choose.
Plesk Control Panel Plesk Control Panel Configure and control all aspects of your web hosting account easily with the easy to use Plesk control panel. We give you complete control of your account on our servers. Extensive documentation is available.
ASP.Net ASP.Net ASP.Net 1.1, 2, 3.5, 4 and .Net 4.5 are all available and selectable for each site from your control panel
ASP ASP Classic ASP supporting ASP 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 code
PHP PHP Install and Run PHP applications of which you can select to run PHP 4 or PHP 5 code in your site.


  • Easy to use Plesk Control Panel
  • Instant Setup
  • Everything you need for 3 Windows web sites with tens of thousands of visitors per month
  • Your site will run and load fast in your web browser
  • Get resolutions to queries fast

Windows Web Hosting Specification

Disk Space 75GB
Monthly Bandwidth 500GB
IIS Web Sites 3
Mail servers 3
MS SQL Server Databases 1
MS SQL Database Space 500MB
MySQL Databases 3
FTP Logins 3
Plesk Control Panel Yes
Password Protected Folders Yes
Set Windows File Permissions Yes
Virtual Directories Yes
ASP.Net 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 3.5, 4 & 4.5
PHP 4.x and 5.x
Perl 5.x
POP3/IMAP Mailboxes Unlimited
SMTP Users Unlimited
Mail Aliases Unlimited
Mail Forwards Unlimited
Mail Autoresponders Unlimited
IIS Virtual Directories Unlimited
Custom Error Pages Yes
Account Control Panel Screenshot

Plesk Hosting Control Panel

Account Control Panel Screenshot

ASP.Net Hosting Control Panel - Domain Hosting information

Account Control Panel Screenshot

Control Panel - File manager

Account Control Panel Screenshot