Author: Jerry Gayle


If you are a beginner on your first steps towards building a website I would like to try to help make things a little easier from the start. When I first started my quest to join the web I knew absolutely nothing. From experience I’ve learned each step has an affect on the end result. There are many decisions you will have to make on your way to having a website but your domain name is where it starts. Your domain name is what you are calling the site that you are building. So choosing a domain name is important to your site.


Here are some things that I found needs to be thought out carefully:


1. What is your web site going to be about? Here’s where you need to get as specific with what your goal is for your site. What do you enjoy, if you want to sell a product, then what domain name might make a person think of your product.


2. To get more free traffic to your site focus on the keywords that people might search for. By keywords I mean if you were selling fishing poles then FISHING POLES would be your keywords.


3. Try to get a dot com domain name because people are used to remembering a dot com name.


4. I know when you start out it’s hard to think of just one theme for you web site. If you go too broad with your topic it will make it very hard to get ranked with the search engines. If you haven’t yet, you will read about the word “niche”. This is what I’m talking about. Fishing is a very broad term but fishing poles is very specific. So fishing poles would become your niche.


I hope this helped to make things a little easier for you. I know getting started can be overwhelming at times. If you keep in mind your end goal and put thought in each step then eventually it will all come together.



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