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Register Windows Hosting Package with M6.NET

Following Video and tutorial demonstrates the process of Registering Windows Hosting account in easy and simple steps.

Get started with Registering Windows Hosting Account

  • 1. Goto M6.NET website
  • 2. Select "Windows Hosting"
  • 3. Select "Unlimited Windows Hosting"
  • 4. Enter the Domain name you want to register
  • 5. Review the Shopping cart
  • 6. Select the "Payment Method"
  • 7. Verify the Unpaid Invoice
  • 8. In the Customer Portal, MY Invoices are marked as Unpaid
  • 9. After made the Payment, it will e changed as "Paid"
  • 10. Domains are active under "My Domains"
  • 11. Click "Control Panel" from the customer portal
  • 12. Use the “Open” link to check the page availability
  • 13. If all the settings are correct, then Plesk default page will appear for the domain
  • 14. Cusomer Invoice Mail
  • 15. Welcome Mail
  • 16. Invoice Payment Conirmation Mail

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