True Windows Hosting Provider Since 1997

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Mission: “To always be developing our business, technology, operational methodologies and teams to provide the best Windows hosting service to clients to create and control their space on the internet to share their important information with anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

We started M6.Net in 1997 as we required our own Rapid Application Development and Hosting Platform to build and run our web sites and web applications. We setup servers for our own applications and offered hosting to those who also needed a flexible hosting environment to develop and run their own web applications. We were frustrated by the lack of care of other shared hosting providers and their extremely rigid and systematic approach blocking the simplest of things we needed to get done. We saw a need for people like us who needed to run multiple web sites and multiple databases, custom components – people like us who needed freedom to push the edge of technology without the prohibitive expense of running a dedicated server and network environment.

We were one of the first shared hosting providers to offer multiple websites, multiple SQL Server databases on Windows Servers. We started out with Windows NT4 and progressed with all new releases of Windows since. We have always dedicated our efforts to providing Windows hosting to ensure a clear focus for our management requirements and reduce the training and administration required to manage multiple platforms.

The Demand for shared hosting and our flexible platform grew faster than our other projects and we focused all our efforts on perfecting shared Windows hosting early on. We were one of the first to develop a fully automated control panel and instant setup on the Windows platform back in 2000. In 2007 we made the switch to the Plesk Platform as it provided all the features in a flexible approach that we wanted to provide our customers.

M6.Net is a privately owned Australian company with dedicated and highly experienced team consisting of a number of MCSE and IT professionals with over 20 years of senior management experience.

Our Values

  • We respect life and all its relationships.
  • We respect free-will that is not at the expense of others free-will.
  • We seek to continually learn to be more effective, efficient, and caring.
  • We do what we say, say what we mean, and mean what we do. “We walk our talk” We are honest.
  • We are always truthful in all actions and communications.
  • We never give up and are always committed to resolving problems that we make ourselves responsible for.
  • We are not afraid of the new, as we appreciate its importance in the past.
  • Collective knowledge is our most valuable asset.
  • Profit is not what we get, but what we produce.
  • Respect is given to those that achieve results, nurture great knowledge and wisdom, provide leadership, and care.
  • Every role in our team is as important as any other role.
  • Results are produced by teams, not individuals.
  • Leaders give clear direction to doing the right thing and achieve results by empowering people to become leaders in themselves
  • Life is precious