The Best Ways to Contact Us at M6.Net

Please ensure you add M6.Net to your email whitelist to ensure you do not miss any email replies to your queries.

Please use the ticket system at - https://customers.m6.net/ to submit queries and contact us at M6.Net. If you are unable to do so please em ail us at sales@m6.net or one of the other email addresses listed below.

Customer service and technical support is provided only via the Ticket System, Email and Live Chat. We do this to ensure accuracy and efficiency in providing technical support. By using the ticket system, we are able to review all past ticket history and your account details quickly. This means we are able to respond faster and help you and all customers sooner and run an efficient operation. All live chat queries are logged with your account so we are able to review past chat queries as well.

When submitting a support ticket we ask that you provide as much information about your query as possible. Please provide:

  1. The URL or web address of the page in your account, your query is about.
  2. Please provide any error messages you received and the time of the error message. And the steps or process that you did that caused the error. This will help us replicate the issue and resolve it fast.
  3. If it is in relation to a code issue, please provide the page in your site and the lines of code in question. In such cases as a code or specific database issue, it will be escalated to a senior technical support engineer and may take a little longer than a typical support query.
  4. If the query is in relation to a database issue, please provide details of the database (database name, login and password you are using and only through our secure https://customers.m6.net/ ticket board - do not send logins and passwords using email), the page and code you are using to make calls to the database and any error messages you receive. This helps us go straight to what you are working with and replicate the issue and resolve it for you, sooner.
  5. Please do not send credit card information via email. You can login to https://customers.m6.net and update and manage your payment information securely.
  6. If your issue is related to your account being suspended due to a payment issue please login to https://customers.m6.net to review your invoices and payment information which you may be able to resolve yourself. As soon as your account is current, your account, sites, email and databases will be activated. If you have any issues and are not able to login please email sales@m6.net
  7. We want to resolve your issues fast and help you understand, and easily work with the Plesk Control Panel. Providing us with as much detail in your query and questions helps us to understand what you want to know and what you want to achieve and answer you fast.

Please use the following email addresses if you are unable to use the Ticket System:

For Sales and Signup Queries: sales@m6.net

For Technical support and customer service: tickets@m6.net

For Abuse Complaints: abuse@m6.net

For Billing Queries: billing@m6.net

Please ensure you add M6.Net to your email Whitelist. As we are an older Hosting company, many spammers use our email address (NOT OUR SERVERS) as the reply in their emails. You will see with a lot of spam - all sorts of reply email addresses are used and usually of legitimate organisations, people and businesses in attempts to get past Spam Filters. This causes the rest of us frustration in lost emails. We monitor all Blacklists to ensure all our servers an IP’s are not listed.

Abuse Reports:

We endeavour to ensure all customers adhere to our terms and conditions of service. And do our best and endeavour to ensure all our servers are clean of any such activity and have a myriad of processes and procedures and checks to proactively stop any such activity getting on our servers. If you believe a site we are hosting is inappropriate, abusing your copyright, spamming, is a spamvertised web site or dealing in fraudulent activities please contact us at abuse@m6.net with as much detail about the site and we will investigate immediately and clear offenders will be shut down and deleted. In the instance of copyright issues please email all DMCA notices to abuse@m6.net

We believe in free will, but not at the expense of others free will. If the site in question is clearly abusing our terms or is criminal we will shut it down immediately. If it is an issue of what is being expressed on the site that offends but is not criminal, we ask that you contact the site owner directly - we are happy to mediate in such instances.

DNS (Domain Name Servers) for pointing your domains to our servers:





At M6.Net, we are always dedicated to providing a flexible, fast, and reliable network-Windows hosting platform that is affordable for people around the world; to experience the power and freedom to develop their part of the internet, to share important information and applications with anyone, anywhere, anytime