Windows Email Hosting to Get Your Own email for your Domain at Cheap Cost.

Windows Email Hosting

Missing a professional email with your own domain name. Suffering from clients not being happy seeing your email IDs with Gmail, Yahoo, Live etc., Worry not!! Get your email with your own domain in minutes. Right here! Right now!

We at M6.NET help you host a full fledge state-of-the-art mail server for your own domain. And guess what, we do not host mail servers on free versions of Linux servers like most others. Instead, we host your mail servers on the latest Windows 2016 Server Operating Systems fully supported by Microsoft. And guess what, there are no restrictions on the number of mailboxes and domain pointers that you can have. Plus, you get a full fledge dashboard where you can manage your account and get help from our experts on all topics that you may need.

With the Email hosting package, along with unlimited mailboxes and domain pointers, you get a responsive and intuitive webmail with a whopping 20GB space. In addition, you get high-end protection from spam with the industry best Commontouch Antispam.


Why should I choose Email hosting from M6.NET?

Unlike most email hosting providers, we host our email servers for your on the latest Windows 2016 Licensed Servers which is fully supported by Microsoft. We also make sure to run the latest Antivirus, Antispam and strong firewall to ensure that you have seamless, state-of-the-art email hosting with the best security and reliability.

Hence with M6.NET Email hosting, you are sure to get the best and cheap email hosting in the market - without a doubt!

Can I create any number of user accounts?

Yes! With the Windows email hosting from M6.NET, you can create as many user accounts or mailboxes and as you wish. Not just that, you can have as many domain pointers as well. So worry not, make use of the best and cheap Windows Email Hosting from M6.NET and create as many user accounts as you wish without paying an extra dime.

Will M6.NET help me if I have any doubts?

Of course yes! When you sign-up for the email hosting, you will also get access to the M6.NET customer portal from which you can raise support tickets. You can raise support tickets for any kind of technical issues or doubts that you have and our team of experienced professionals in the support team will be happy to help you.

Is it possible to host my site with another provider and host email with M6.NET?

Yes. Though we would strongly encourage you to make use of our cheap and best windows hosting or an Unlimited Reseller Hosting apackage to host your sites, it is possible to host your site with any provider of your choice and have email hosted with M6.NET. Just sign up for email hosting, fill in the sign-up form and follow the instructions to enable email hosting for your domain.

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  • 20 GB Space

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