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Add a subdomain to your Windows Hosting Package using Plesk Control Panel by M6.NET

Following Video and tutorial demonstrates the process of adding a subdomain to your Windows Hosting account using Plesk Control Panel in easy and simple steps.

Get started with adding subdomain to your Windows Hosting

  1. Login to your Windows Hosting Plesk Control Panel
  2. Select the domain for which you need to add a subdomain
  3. Click “Add Subdomain” button above the domain details
  4. Enter the Subdomain name. Document root will be automatically created by the Plesk Panel
  5. Click “OK” and check the Information in the domain page – “The subdomain was created”
  6. DNS settings of subdomain
  7. The DNS zone for the subdomain will be disabled by default. DO NOT ENABLE THE DNS ZONE
  8. Go to the domain of the subdomain and Open the DNS settings by clicking the “DNS settings” link
  9. The A record for the subdomain will be automatically added in the domain DNS zone
  10. To manually Add DNS entry use “Add Record” button
  11. Select the record type, add the subdomain name and assign the IP address
  12. Use the “Open” link under subdomain tab to check the page availability
  13. If all the settings are correct, then Plesk default page will appear for the subdomain

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