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Redirect a domain in plesk control panel - Windows Hosting Package by M6.NET

Following Video and tutorial demonstrates the process of redirecting a domain to another domain in plesk control panel in windows hosting by M6.Net in easy and simple steps.

Get started with Redirecting a domain or subdomain in plesk control panel

  1. Login to your Windows Hosting Plesk Control Panel
  2. Select the domain for which you need to redirect
  3. Click “Hosting Settings” button under the domain details
  4. Change the "Hosting Type" to "Forwarding"
  5. Give the "Destination address"
  6. Select either "permanent Redirect" or "Temporarily Redirect"
  7. Permanent Redirect: It can be used when redirecting a domain or subdomain permanently to another address. search engine crawlers treat both domain as a single website.
    Temporarily Redirect: It can be used when testing a new version of a site. If you set this redirection for a newly created destination domain, this domain will not be indexed by search engines.

  8. Select "OK". The redirect will be applied to the domain
  9. Users are redirected to another URL and can see the destination URL in the browser address bar.

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